Recycled wooden pallets and timber are used in the interiors, combining old and new materials in construction. The architect creatively employs a total of thousand disassembled wooden pallets, carefully utilizing each individual wood strip from these pallets. Recycled wooden pallets and timber have many advantages, but only a few disadvantages. This is a good option as high-quality new wood, especially hardwood, is becoming increasingly difficult to source. They are used to give the wedding venue a more dynamic and flowing interior. Not only is this material aesthetically pleasing, but it can also be cost-effectively incorporated into the design using locally available materials. They are adaptable, eco-friendly, sustainable, and easily-constructed materials

Year completion: 04/2024

Status: Built

Team: Pham Trung, Ngoc Pham, Ba Dang

Investor: New Vision Service and Training Co., Ltd

Location: Binh Thanh District, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Photographers: Paul Phan